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Lady Ship Supply, which started its operations in December 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey, has rapidly become a leader in the marine supply market in all the Turkish ports.

Proud of providing the best service at reasonable prices, Lady Ship Supply has a team of professionals, who are meticulously selected to carry out their duties effectively and on notice to our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at all times.


  • In order to find the most qualified products and providers, to perform continuous studies on both international and local markets.
  • To have a constant and close alliance with our suppliers and traders from both international and domestic markets;
  • Permanent control of delivery, storage, and supply processes of the products provided by our suppliers to our inventory.
  • Strict compliance with international and national regulations.
  • Supervision and training of all employees involved in procurement, marketing, and sales operations.
  • Strict compliance with HACCP regulations related to hygiene in all our activities.
  • Stick to our company’s environmental policy and recycle all kinds of waste products accordingly.
  • While maintaining our leading position in the industry to make the necessary enhancements to achieve higher sales volume and profitability.
  • In order to avoid further repetition of the same problems and achieve a perfect level of service, analyzing the problems encountered, and creating permanent solutions with the help of new technologies.
  • Supplying our customers with the right goods, prepared perfectly, at the right place and time, as one of the leading service providers, in order to achieve “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”, which is the basic principle and aim of our company, and thus to realize the right delivery and improve our ISO quality system.